How to start a blog

Here we will learn how to start a blog step by step

You may have so many misconceptions that to start a blog you need a lot of technical skills or you must be a very good writer.Surprisingly , it isn’t true.

You can setup a blog within minutes by following these steps:

1.Pick up blog name(domain name)

2.Get your blog online(choose hosting)

3.Customize your blog

4.Publish your first post

1.Pick up blog name:- This is a name which is going to give you worldwide recognition.So be cautious while selecting a domain name for your blog.

            Here are some key points:

            1. It should be small

           2. It should be easy to remember

           3. The name should be relevant to content

2. Get your blog online(buy hosting): To set your blog up and running you need two things:-

           1. Blog hosting

           2. Blogging Software

The thing is that both come packed together.

The blog host is a server where all your data like text , images , videos are going to save online and it delivers them to the user when they type your blog name.

There are so many hosting service provider like Godaddy, Bluehost , A2HOSTING etc.

You can pick any of them according to your requirement.

3. Customize your blog:- When you buy hosting server, the next you need a software to customize your blog to publish the post.

Host server provide the facility to install WordPress.

In few seconds it will be installed on your domain name and you will get login details.

After successful login select the theme, it is the design of your blog. there are a lots of theme available.

4. Publish your first post:-You can follow the given steps to publish your first post.

After successfully installing WordPress, on dashboard’s left side there is a menu , press on posts–> add new

After the new editor screen will open , you can write your first blog here.

After completion of writing there is a publish button on the right side menu, press this and you blog will publish publicly.