Introduction Of HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

HTML is a special formatting language that defines the appearance and contents of a webpage. Its specific syntax rules allow you to define the placement and format of text, graphics, sound and video on the webpage. It is very simple and requires no knowledge of programming in its basic form.

Each word in Hypertext Markup Language has different meaning.

  • The word Hypertext refers to the text which acts like a link. You can jump to any webpage on the Internet by simply clicking at the text which acts as a link.
  • Markup is a symbol or character that you insert at certain place in a text file. This represents how the file should look (bold, italic, link, etc) when it is printed in your browser.
    Also the markup indicators are often called “tags.”
  • The word language refers to the syntax that is similar to any other language.


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